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Video: Liars, Liars: It Was NO Accident

There are many, many questions that remain unanswered pertaining to the death of Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Williams. A young, healthy 30- year old man who was found dead and horribly decomposed on the Ramapo Indian land that he saved from being snatched away from his tribe.

Not far from his waterlogged body was his canoe, overturned, as if there had been some sort of accident that caused him to fall out of it and drown. Exactly what the tribal chief who had a months-long feud with him stated (long before any medical assessment had been done), that Muriyd was drunk, fell out the boat and drowned. Exactly what the person who was constantly around him, electronically tracking his every move, stated (long before any medical assessment had been done), that Muriyd had a heart attack, fell out the boat and drowned.

Yet the medical examiner who performed Muriyd's autopsy stated there was no evidence of an accident nor medical emergency, adamantly confirming no heart attack.

Yet the manufacturer confidently stated Muriyd's canoe would not have flipped over simply because someone had fallen out of it.

So why was Muriyd dead in the water?

Why was his canoe flipped over if not by accident?

And why were the tribal chief and friend (who was soon after placed as a clan sub-chief) insisting it happened one way or another, without proof or a medical assessment, immediately after Muriyd was found?

Let's explore...

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