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Events and Programs

Here you will find all things Beyond Clouds and Beyond Clouds affiliated. Field trips, Family Days, fundraisers, classes, volunteering and charitable opportunities, and everything in between. Please check back often. There is always something going on! 

Bumper Sticker Fundraiser!

As you know the mission of Beyond Clouds is to help as many people as we can, the world over. Unfortunately, it takes far more than love and good intentions to do so. It takes good ol' money! Moolah. Dividends. Greenbacks.

Since we are adamant about not asking for government or corporate funding (our intent is to be and remain 'for the people, from the people'), and we want to reserve any possible GoFundMe or the like for when we really need it, aaand we really want our asking for funds to be via trade rather than having people feel that they are giving up their hard earned money without receiving much in return (besides doing a good deed). Thus, we will have fundraisers throughout the year. 

Know that 100% of proceeds will go to supporting Beyond Clouds' efforts: monthly food packages to assist local elders who are on fixed incomes; books to promote children's literacy; shipping of baby and children's clothing to families in West Africa; toiletry bags for neighbors without homes; much more as we go on.

Bumper stickers are $10 each with free shipping. Please consider buying one or more, as every dollar is needed and will go to good use. And remember, bumper stickers are not just for bumpers! 

CashApp to $beyondclouds30 with your name, address, and what you are purchasing.


Free Tutoring Sessions for Ramapough Lenape Youth

We are excited to announce that Beyond Clouds has teamed with Ramapo College to offer free tutoring to Ramapough students. To start we will be working with grades 3-12. Sessions will be in person as well as virtual for added convenience.

Statistically Native students are far behind the national average, not only in comparison to white peers but all races and ethnicities. We know that Indigenous people typically face disparities unlike any other. That is why it is so important for us to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. We need to close the gap so our children will not continue to fall through. That was the wish of Two Clouds.

Consider the following data:

National Congress of American Indian says:

* Education prepares Native youth for active and equal participation in a global market, positive and evolved community members, and equips to become tribal leaders;

* their academic achievement and education attainment lags far behind that of white peers;

* over the past decade they have been the only group that has not improved in reading and mathematics

National Conference of State Legislators says:

* “…the state of Native American students is distressing" and that...

When compared to white peers Native American students are:

* 2 to 3 grades lower in reading in mathematics;

* 237% more likely to drop out of school;

* 207% more likely to be expelled;

* For every one hundred kindergartners only seven will earn a BA compared to 34 whites;

Center for Native American Youth at the Aspen Institute says:

* Native Americans have the lowest education attainment ratio of any ethnic group;

* High school dropout rate is doubled compared to the national average;

* High school graduation rate is 49.3% compared to 76.2% of whites;

* 13. 3% of Native Americans have BAs compared to 25% of the general population

Presenting and preserving education was a major goal of Two Clouds and an important part of his legacy. He wanted Ramapough youth-specifically- to have educational benefits they may not have otherwise. Ramapo College is thrilled to help in continuing their colleague’s mission. Tutoring is just the tip of the iceberg! 

Please contact Beyond Clouds at 223-488-9439 or for more information or to sign up for tutoring.

Remember it is FREE.


Caring for Our Elders 

Pastel Food Drive A4 Flyer (1).png

Free Books Coming At Ya!


Literacy is of utmost importance at Beyond Clouds. Nationwide, a reported 21% of adults (approximately 130,000,000) are illiterate, and 54% read below 6th grade level. Additionally, reading comprehension (the ability to understand and integrate what was read) is declining.


In regard to poverty, 75% of welfare recipients cannot read, and the income for about 50% of adults overall is well below the poverty line simply because they cannot read. (Read more mind-blowing statistics here.)  

In schools, nearly 40% of students overall and 70% of low-income students are unable to read at a basic level. For Indigenous students the percentages are even lower. Not only do students' inability to read aid in emotional, social, and behavioral issues, it may ensure that their futures will be steeped in poverty which can lead to poor physical and mental health, and (as many corporations predict) the road to prison.

One of the ways we believe these literacy statistics and predictions can improve is by offering free books (and tutoring, see above post) to help instill the love of reading in our youth. Therefore, Beyond Clouds will be giving away new and gently used books (which also teaches the importance of recycling and environmental conservancy) throughout the year.  

Please be on the lookout for upcoming BMDs (Book Mobile Days), and please donate books that are new or in great condition that may be collecting dust on your shelves.

See you soon!

The National Literacy Institute

Reading Foundation

Govenor's Foundation

Learning for Justice

June Events

Here are some upcoming events for the month of June 2023. Check back often as there is always the possibility of more being added! 

I don't know about you, but I used to love when the book mobile came to our school! A bibliophile from day one, I have always adored the prospect of "new" books, whether they were fresh from a bookstore, used from a thrift store, borrowed or gifted! With the summer rolling around, youngsters will have ample time to lounge

and read, and we want to help them do so...

but we need your help! Please donate to our cause any gently used books that are in very good condition. You may already have them or purchase from a second-hand store, library book sale, or obtain from a friend. 

Help a child while also helping Mother Earth by keeping them from landfills. 

Contact Mumtahanah at 223-488-9439.


Join Beyond Clouds' William Williams for a Giant Stairs guided hike in the Palisades! 

This is hike not for the weak! No children, strollers, or pets are allowed. Check the link below for advice on how to prepare and lots more useful information.

$15 donation per person.

NJ Palisades website

Black and Brown Church Conference Flyer.JPEG

Beyond Clouds' Elliot "#elliotmademedoit" Davis will lead you on a fun and informative bike riding adventure through Brooklyn, NY. 

A connoisseur of New York (especially of the 80s), you will be sure to learn something new while cycling with Elliot. 

Here is a link to help you get ready for your day out in BK:

How to Prep for Your First Bike Ride

$15 per person.

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