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Stand with Two Clouds Week

May 28- June 3, 2023

Muriyd Niishwak Akumahkwak Williams (Two Clouds) was a special and unique young man with many passions and talents.

Stand with Two Clouds Week was created to teach the world about him so he will never be forgotten #NoMoreIndigenousErasure,

so his work and mission will continue to serve the people for generations to come,

and to inspire the youth to stand and make the changes they want to see in the world #WithoutFear and within themselves!

Two Clouds was courageous and did not let sometimes being frightened stop him from doing what he knew was right #DoItScared

His love for the Creator and His creation took precedence above all else. #WaterProtector #LandReclaimer #IndigenousRightsActivist

Along with being courageous Two Clouds was highly intelligent, kind, and really, really funny! He had many hobbies that he was pretty good at- like beading, sewing, carving, and fishing.

He also was a very gifted drummer and  flutist and spoke over a dozen languages. And if these were not cool enough... he taught himself all these things! 

Two Clouds never listened when others did not believe in him or told him he could not achieve something. He was confident and knew he had the power to make great change in the world.

This is why he accomplished so much good for others before he even turned 30 years old. And he had so much more planned before he was killed while standing up for others. #MMIP #SayHisName #justice4twoclouds


But we will not let win the people who do not wish to see good prevail! We will continue Two Clouds' work. We will become part of his team. We will stand with him and become helpers of the world as he did.

Stand with Two Clouds and shine your light on the world! #StandWithTwoClouds #SWTCW


Here are some ideas to get you started with helping others during Stand with Two Clouds Week.



1) Small actions mean a lot, too!

2) People of all ages can make a difference!

3) Teamwork makes the dream work! Including family and 

    friends will get more done and help you not get


4) Don't wait until SWTCW to get started! Brainstorm and

    preplan so everything will run smoothly and successfully!

*Organize a food drive with your family or peers.

  ($10 or $20 from 4-5 people will go far! Bag the items and

    gift one each to neighbors or others you know could use



*Make toiletry bags for people living outside.

  (Take a gallon size freezer bag and fill it with a wash cloth,

   small soap, toothbrush, small toothpaste, a pair of socks, a

   snack, and a gift card to an easy to reach fast food



*Organize a cleanup party at a local park or playground.

  (Don't wait for others to clean up your neighborhood.

   Take the initiative, and eventually others will, too!)

*Collect pre-read books and donate to a local library, club, or


  (Literacy is so important to everyone's future yet so many

   do not have access to reading materials. Ask friends and

   relatives to donate books to your cause that are in good


*Mow the lawn of an elder neighbor or relative.

  (We take mobility for granted! What about those who

   cannot do for themselves as well as they were once able

   to do? Lend an afternoon to help out!)

*Reach out to local organizations and ask if there are ways

  you may help.

  (Once a year, once a month, once a week... service 

   organizations often offer opportunities for people to

   volunteer. They need you! Google non-profit organizations

    in your area and get started.) 

*Organize a group with friends to do at least one service or

  action a month.

  (You don't need to overexert yourself! Working to bring

   positive changes to the world- even just your immediate

   world- will strengthen your relationship with others and


*Learn more about Two Clouds by watching our videos on 

  TikTok @beyond_clouds7_3 and keeping up with our blog

  on this site. Then share what you find with your friends,

  family, classmates, co-workers. Make videos, write posts

  (document your SWTCW actions and tag us!); teach about 

  Two Clouds and his mission- then become the mission!

  Together, we will make this world a better place.

Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Williams

May 25, 1992- July 3, 2022

*Beyond Clouds SWTCW events TBA

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