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Water Well for Mali


​While Mali, West Africa was once known for its wealth and was home to King Mansa Musa, the richest known person in history, today it is quite poor and its people are living through a water crisis. Please join our campaign to build a well. Clean water will help tremendously in decreasing infectious diseases, malnutrition, stunted growth in children, and even death. Water is sacred. Water IS life. 

Helping the Homeless

There are approximately 25,000 people living on the streets- and that is just in New Jersey and Pennsylvania combined! Beyond Clouds strives to make the plight of the local homeless population less strenuous by offering food, water, and other much needed items such personal hygiene packs and seasonal protection. We also include sanitary products for women and girls.  



Relief for Refugees

War, famine, natural disasters, and other grave challenges force many people to flee their countries to America in hopes of building better lives for their families. However, getting here is only part of the struggle. Beyond Clouds works alone and in tandem with other organizations to assist in providing local refugees with much needed necessities: seasonal clothing, school supplies, toiletries, and more.   


Caring for Our Elders

One of the most left behind groups of people in modern society is the elderly. In America, millions are living in poverty and have no one to check on them. Beyond Clouds aims to relieve some of the burden of hunger and fear of loneliness by supplying monthly food packages and weekly welfare checks to local senior citizens.


Worldwide Aid

Though Beyond Clouds' main focus are local communities, we also try to do our part assisting the international community. We understand there is a big world out there with big problems, but even our small group can help in making a big impact when we join other organizations that are already successfully offering aid. From helping to prevent blindness and decreasing malaria-induced infant mortality to providing clean water and medical supplies, we are incentivized by the idea that we are all each other's keepers.


Distant Learning 

Education is a major motivating factor in what we do. "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" is our motto. Cyber courses teaching everything from Native culture and life skills training to language classes and herbal healing-and so much more- are facilitated right to your home, car, or workplace.  

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