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Many of us want to do our part in changing the world yet just don't feel we have the time or resources to do it alone... so let's do it together! Help others and yourself by joining our mission. If you are willing to give a little of your time in exchange for lots of positive impact drop us a line. We need YOU!


Do you have a skill that you are really good at and would love to teach to others? Education is at the forefront of our mission- and we do not believe only those with degrees have something to offer others. If you are experienced in  natural healing, outdoor living, needlecrafts, traditional art, math, science, non-English languages, life skills training, or anything in between, please contact us!  



Our mission is grassroots, meaning we strive to do our work sans government or large corporate donations. We want to remain for the people, from the people. In order to do that we must come to you for assistance because again, we cannot do it alone. The services we offer require food, clothing, educational supplies, toiletries and more- not to mention good ol' dollar bills! If you can help with any of these things, please do. It ALL goes to the purposes indicated. 



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