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Poem: As Two Clouds

Updated: Mar 9

Wednesday March 6, 2024 Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Williams was honored

as a partner by Ramapo College during their Remembrance Day event.

at a certain point 

for the warrior 

Love replaces fear.

Love for Creator

Love for Truth

Love for Creation 

and Humanity 

Love for Everlasting Life.

fear can no longer manifest

in the way of crippling 



Obedience to The One

it is not a martyr complex

it is tawakkul:

total reliance on

the Most Efficient Planner,

the Sole Controller of All Things

seen and unseen

massive and minuscule. 

we humbly accept 

whatever The One has for us

we are honored 

to be of those who have been allowed

to answer the Call

and to stand 



as Two Clouds,

passed in the night.

M. 2024

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