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Poem: Betrayed! (The Players)

to try to stop the only one

who had good intent

who gave more than anyone

wanting not a cent

truer than silly animals

who grin and prance

stealing from their brethren

at every chance

especially the Big Dog

oh, that jealous man!

who wanted all the money

and all of the land

but none but The Good One

stood in his way

so duet morphed to trio

to do him away!

followed by a quartet

formed with a hippy friend

then six or seven other ones

who lie and pretend

they thought it would be easy

isolated on that Stag!

to sneak and attack

to murder and drag

to transport and capsize

a lame attempt to stage

trusting they would all get

to just turn the page

so none would be wiser

and they all would be freed

and never again mention

that Two Clouds, Muriyd!!!

but they had forgotten

one thing, most paramount

The Good One had a relative

to hold them all account

she listened, collected

recorded, observed

amazed by the hate

towards her son; how absurd!!

ungrateful indeed!

to the ONLY one who stood tall!

who defied even their hatred

to answer His call

and more than just that…

oh, PD that rabid wolf!

chasing after his tail

sniffing ‘round stale puss’

betrayed the sole person

who gifted him a light

how jealousy and envy

did ruby PD's sight!!

lusting for what Two Clouds

had not a bit of use:

adoration and power

the squaw who knotted the noose

did he think it would be simple

to don The Chosen’s mocs??!

he quickly learned

a TRUE warrior chief he is not!!

nor is he a scholar

a man nor human being!

and not nearly smart enough

to manipulate crime scenes

an entire large production

played out in four acts, at least

by envious, evil

soulless, thirsty beasts

who have the audacity

to think they can win

we thank The One they lack

loyalty and discipline.


blossoming is Truth

to a flower from a Bud

nourished not by water

but virulent blood!

the veracity is candid

about a wretched band of thieves

who murdered or participated

no matter what any believe

The Helper received depravity

for his loving countenance

and all they’ve done is further proved

their utter incompetence

our Beloved was massacred

to assuage their greed and lust

PD,SW and all your cohorts

the pendulum's swing will be Just!

M. Ansari 2023


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