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Eyes Wide Shut... Why is No One Speaking Out??

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Saroya Fanniel
Saroya Fanniel
09 Ιουν

My lifelong friend Tony Standing Hawk Degroat-Mobely is a Ramapo-Lenape member. I'm Eastern Cherokee and Powhatan Confederacy descent. The violence perpetrated against and among our youth is a sobering symptom of the systems of 'YT' soopremaC. The mental and emotional dysfunction it has created in both 'YT' and melanated Aboriginal and/or African descended communities is an issue that rarely gets discussed. In addition to these terms they like to use like "Afro-indegous". I'm not a hair style, I'm full blood Aboriginal Turtle Islander. It brings in too much game with these mixed European/Aboriginal, and straight Europeans whose ancestors bought membership, folks who make up the majority of tribal councils across USA, Inc. It's time to awaken from the American Dreaming.

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11 Ιουν
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Thank you for your comment😊 I know Tony Standing Hawk mostly from TikTok; his videos are always lighthearted and fun!

I partially agree with you. While much of the evils we do to each other is systematic, a product of colonization, Indigenous people have been fighting and murdering one another over prime land (hunting grounds, fishing holes, etc.) and social status long before Europeans were confident enough that they would not fall off the face of the Earth should they venture beyond the horizon. As a person of the Haudenosaunee and Kanien'keha ka diaspora I know this to be truth. I think that our collective unwillingness to embrace that reality not only lends to the upliftment of white supremacy (a…

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