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Some Ways to Acknowledge Orange Shirt Day This Year

If you have never heard of 'Orange Shirt Day' you can read more about where it stems from here. After doing so you will have a far better idea of ways you may help in getting the word out, educating others, and honoring the lives and histories of First Nations People. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1) Wear an orange shirt and use as a springboard to talk to relatives, friends, classmates, and co-workers about the day and why it is important.

2) Make social media posts bringing awareness to industrial schools, and links to further information.

3) Make full videos and/or video shorts explaining about the day. Don't forget to hashtag!

4) Create a colorful infographic and text/DM it to all your contacts. Instruct all of them to send it to at least 5 of their own contacts. (This will also work with a flyer that you post in stores, libraries, or school bulletin board.)

5) For educators: Teach a lesson to your class about industrial schools, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and for extra credit have them write a paragraph or two about what they learned.

6) For students: Get permission from your teacher or professor to talk to your classmates about industrial schools, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Give everyone a piece of chocolate or something else small and tasty so each time they eat that same thing they will recall what you taught them.

7) For homeschoolers: Have your child/homeschool group watch a video about industrial schools or survivors of industrial schools. Afterwards, have them do a creative project explaining what they have learned or what they think about what they have learned. Also, if possible, have a knowledgeable Indigenous person visit and talk to your group about the impact of industrial schools.

For more information and to ask how you may help visit :

M. Ansari

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