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In Memoriam: Muriyd Niishwak Akumahkwak Williams (Two Clouds)

One year ago today he was murdered.

By alleged comrades who secretly plotted against him.

Left to rot for four days on the land that he alone courageously secured for the tribe before reclaiming dozens of more acres.

Many people know what happened to him and who did it, yet no one has spoken up nor helped to petition for an investigation.

That includes his tribal chief, his clan chief, and his tribal government whose sole purpose is to advocate for tribal members.

What else is there to say??



Above, Muriyd poses at the Queens Museum next to a mural titled "Excelsior: Ever Upward, Ever Afloat" created by artist Camille Hoffman which centers on a portrait of him rowing in a canoe on the river he loved so much and protected (and where he would be found lifeless a few short years later) with his ancestral mountains supporting him in the background. (2019)

What a beautiful homage and befitting epithet: ever upward, ever afloat.

Indeed, our beloved. Indeed.

May our Creator Shonkwaya’tihson, Al Khaliq Allah Ta'ala be Ever Pleased, Ever Merciful, and Ever Loving with Muriyd and grant us fair retribution for the evil that was reciprocated for his love.

Amin. A'ho. Asé.


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