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We're Live!

Yesterday marked two months since our beloved Muriyd/Niish Akumahkwak (translated as Two Clouds) transitioned from this world to the next. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’oon (Surely, we come from Allah and to Allah we return).

As many of you know, the man who became known as Two Clouds was a remarkable human being. He was loving, caring, giving, passionate, compassionate, spiritual, funny, and extremely intelligent and talented. His unshakable love for and faith in The One Creator caused him to go above and beyond to make sure others were not being harmed or oppressed.

As a means of honoring Muriyd and continuing his humanitarian efforts, Beyond Clouds has been created by his mother as a grassroots, non-profit organization. Volunteers and individual donors will help in bringing myriad projects to fruition. From providing essentials to local refugee and homeless communities to offering various educational courses on history or language, Beyond Clouds will make a difference! Please check our blog often to see what is going on and how you can help.

We CAN change the world - we just can’t do it alone. Let Muriyd/Two Clouds be the inspiration.

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