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Water IS Life

Many of us see the hardships being faced by citizens of the world and wish we could do something to help. With so much famine, medical and educational disparities, and destruction from war taking place, it can seem quite overwhelming. In the greater scheme of things, you may feel too small to be able to help - but small actions can bring great change!

The Republic of Mali in West Africa is home to the Niger River, Timbuktu, and the legendary Mansa Musa. The population of more than 19 million in part consists of farmers, artisans, and scholars - as well as many ethnic groups such as the Fulani, Dogon, and Moors. While Mali was once famous for its considerable wealth, today it is quite poor as a region. Of the many challenges faced, access to clean water is a major obstacle, especially for rural communities.

Beyond Clouds is asking that you join us in helping to build a well in Mali. Your donation can help tremendously in the decrease of infectious disease, malnutrition, stunted growth among children, and death. Alone we may not be able to do much, but together we can move mountains!

Any amount will be of great importance and appreciated. Give small if you must, give large if you can.

In addition to supplying a struggling village with life for generations to come, in the Islaamic tradition charity is one of the few things (along with raising a righteous child who prays for you and the giving of knowledge) that continues giving to the giver long after she/he has exited this world- and water is the best charity one can give. Furthermore, charity is something that can be given in the name of a loved one who has departed so they will reap the same benefit. Therefore, this Mali well campaign is being built on behalf of our beloved Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Williams (Niishwak Akumahkwak). Creator willing, it will help our brother in the Spirit World/Akhira forevermore, as well as the actual giver. The further bonus is that Mali is an ancestral home of our dear Two Clouds so it will be also help his people specifically. Please visit and share the link below to donate.

Nia:wen/Shukran/Thank you.

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