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is in the eye of the beholder

perception, what you think you see

i hear the lies but am unmoved

for i see beyond the bigotry

it's fascinating how so many

can be duped by the devil's guise

propagating his plots and plans

though they do not realize:

a brother jumped by five cops

broadcast the other night

a pilot murdered all his crew

and all who dared to board his flight

a neighbor gunned down three

yet terrorism is not the blame

it seems a white man can't be a terrorist

he's simply "evil" or "insane"

yet is not a rapist still a rapist

though he comes donning a smile??

much like the bias media

using their forums to beguile.

if ALL muslims are terrorists

due to the actions of a few

it should also stand to reason

that the following is true:

ALL catholic priests are pedophiles

using god's name to persuade

as are the passive congregants

who condone their evil ways;

ALL cops are murderers

fascist to the very core

unrelenting with abuses

upon the black men they abhor;

ALL whites are closet racists

who hide behind computer screens

now and then showing true colors;

travon costumes on halloween.

but tell me...

how can you deem someone a terrorist

even those who kill and maim

when for centuries you have thrived

on nothing but the same??

need we recall the trail of tears

or massacre at wounded knee?

or the war you all still honor

against blacks' right to be free?

taino nearly exterminated

a ball of fire dropped on japan

because of you our dear Africa

is now a broken land

yet somehow WE are the culprits??

with your evil none can compare!

some of us do know the Truth

though your minions seem unaware

it would be droll though diabolic

if lives were not at stake

how you twist and spin the web

you bewitchingly perpetrate.

i think you really should be mindful

for truth always does shine through;

the finger in which you judge of others

always leaves three pointing at you!

M. Ansari 2015

Further reading:

Deah Barakat with wife Yusor Abu-Salah and sister-in-law Razan Abu-Salha.

All were murdered by a neighbor in early 2015 who has since been sentenced

to life in prison.

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