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Stand with Two Clouds, Stand with Indigenous Activists

Now that we have gotten through a second Stand with Two Clouds Week which lasted from May 26 to June 1 (sorry, there were too many things to get done which left no time to write [a good reason why everyone should subscribe to our other social media platforms!]), I think it is a great idea to acquaint or reacquaint our readers with who Muriyd Two Clouds Williams was, the ideas he stood for, and ultimately, the principles he died fighting to uphold.

Below are some videos of Two Clouds himself and some about him, all of which can be found on our YouTube channel and TikTok. In the 'Resources' section of this website are links to articles, interviews, and lectures which will give more insight. Searching 'Two Clouds Ramapough' or 'Muriyd Williams' through Google will take one even deeper.

We ask that everyone please join us in standing with Two Clouds and all Indigenous activists everywhere. Speaking out against injustice is no mean feat! Those who are successful at it should be rallied behind! Those who are slain in pursuit of freeing the oppressed should have their missions continued, their legacies cemented!

We at Beyond Clouds vow to love, protect, and stand with Two Clouds. Always. Everyday. Every year. We hope that you will, too.

M. Ansari

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