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Relief for Refugees- Sunday 9/11/2022

War, famine, natural disasters, and other grave challenges force many people to flee their countries to America in hopes of building better lives for their families. However, getting here is only part of the struggle.

Though thousands find their way to safer environments, they often still lack many of the tools and necessities needed to live comfortably, day to day. At Beyond Clouds we are cognizant and empathetic to their challenges, and want to help lessen their worries.

Therefore, we are asking for donations to help supply some essentials. Currently being accepted are washed and stain-free fall and winter clothing that will fit children in grades pre-K through 12. We also need new toiletries (deodorant, soap, sanitary napkins, etc.) and school supplies. Monetary donations are welcome to purchase more supplies, or for those who have the desire yet not the time to participate.

Please contact Mumtahanah Ansari for more information (see attached flyer).

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