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Poem: Twelve

still i pray for their destruction

i do not turn the other cheek!

i will not find The Just Creator

by pretending to be "meek"

i do not offer love to enemies

instead they have my hate!

i beg Mumit to strip their flesh away,

grant fire as their fate

do i resemble one afraid to fight,

relying on The One??

i have always been a warrior

and i have only just begun

had they embraced his holy message

the answer to their grandmas’ prayers

none would even be the wiser

yet now punishment will be theirs

i am slave to no religion, no traditions

foes nor friends

i serve but One, Malikul Mulk

Hu allows fair retribution

every action has an effect,

they'll deserve what comes next

i'm wide awake, at full attention

guarding the one they murdered while he slept!

M. Ansari 2023

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