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Poem: Playin' Indian

nothing more than dust in the wind

is all you've come to be to them

while you lie motionless forever

they live contently, playing indian

they carry on... rituals, songs,

powwowing as if you never were at all

where would they be?? unloved! unfree!

as they were before you heeded The Call

don't they remember their reality

before you swooped in to save the day??

ten years of "leadership" produced nothing!

until he begged you to come and stay

there was no warrior between them

and he thanked me many times for my great gift

blinded we were until we came to see

the 'pious mountain indians' was a myth!

they do not honor or protect you

is demanding justice too much to ask??

for the one who fought for far, far more:

respect and retribution for the past

even the mother of your child

(oh, what a groupie she's proven to be!!)

more interested in social status

than seeing to your precious one's safety

do you remember what i told you??

envious chicks you should not dare trust

but don't you worry for a moment

though token to her, he is of us!

he will call them to account,

their tricks and lies will fall to their feet

in just a small handful of years

he will seek the truth, then enter: me

by then we will have our "justice"

the grey-eyed demons dead or caged

and all the others he will abandon

the costumed indians, burning their sage!

M. 2024


Two years later, and still no justice for his murder.

In fact, still no investigation.

I (his mother) am still awaiting those who claim to love him and "remember him fondly" to actually stand up and do something!

So many constituents who are able to gather literally thousands to rally for lawful retribution,

so many well-positioned self-proclaimed friends- chiefs, imams, shaykhs, government officials, Indigenous lawyers, "activists-

yet it remains silent.

Where is the love and righteousness they all swear to harbor in their hearts??

Where are the sacred ways they swear to uphold for the sake of their ancestors??

Where is all the allyship they all swear to have for murdered Indigenous people??

They do not love Two Clouds, they barely like him.

And even then their fondness is only when convenient and beneficial for themselves.

Remember to forget about Two Clouds when the wheels are turning and you want to ride the float of popularity.

We will certainly remember you.

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