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Happy Indigenous Peoples' Day

A holiday on the second Monday of October to refute the lie that Columbus discovered America (not only were there already millions of people living here for tens of thousands of years during the time of his arrival, he actually never came 'inland' as most people imagine, sticking instead to the West Indies), and to diminish the idea that he is someone deserving of praise rather than murdering rapist that he really was would probably be a wonderful gesture IF it indeed cancelled Columbus Day in lieu of residing alongside it, as more of a footnote to appease the rebellious who insist on trying to taint the beloved Italian...

Nonetheless, whether it is empty or not, we will speak for the voiceless today as we do EVERYDAY. We understand that it means a lot for many to be acknowledged publicly to whatever degree, and we stand in solidarity. To learn more about the purpose of IDP and find events happening in your area simply Google 'Indigenous Peoples' Day events' with your state and/or city.

Following are some links to articles and sites to also help you learn more.

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