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I’ve been training my whole life for this fight

So step aside, you’ve got no game

Punk panty wearing bastards talking

When cowardice is their claim to fame

They mean absolutely nothing

Their sea of “knowledge” is desert dry

Yet the masses never seek validity

Don’t you ever wonder why??

They’re far more interested in posing

Like they’re “spiritual”

More concerned with ceremonies

And pagan rituals

Only wanting to be “seen”

When they were invisible before my son

Feared as incestuous abominations

No men to protect them- apparently not one!

Then from the kindness of my heart

I sent the investment that I


They’d have nothing we’re it not for him

Yet silence it what they praise!

Others challenge it’s their cowardice

That causes them to not stand tall

That I should never expect too much

Because whites have cut and ground their balls

But I demand of what is owed

A return on what I graciously loaned

Did you think I’d simply cry a bit

Then retreat to a mournful home???

Hell NO! I will have fair retribution!!

And each of you who played a part

The murderers themselves as well as

Those who knew and yet did naught!

You will face The Light and pay a token

Until we receive all that we’re due

So keep on with your lies and rumors-

Misinformation- like you love to do

But understand HE WILL NOT BE ERASED

And you all will lose all that you’ve bet

I’m on my Mamie shit now

And you haven’t seen a damn thing yet!

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