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How serious are you about fighting against oppression?

What are you willing to give- or give up- to prove that you mean what you say?

To stand strong, fearless in your promise of solidarity with the Palestinian people, as they are strategically annihilated by the very Zionists who they alone covered and protected when no one else was interested.

Do you have the discipline to remain steadfast in your commitment to your morals and values, to detach from your worldly gains in the name of camaraderie?

Whoever among you sees evil, let him change it with his hand. If he cannot do so, then with his tongue. If he cannot do so, then with his heart, which is the weakest level of faith.”

Prophet Muhammad

We have a responsibility to humanity!




We CAN change it with our hands, simply and safely: BOYCOTT!

The following are some of the companies and name brands who have implicated themselves in the active and ongoing decimation of Palestinian civilians by donating millions of dollars to Israel to help fuel their campaign.

Those that do not outright supply financial benefit are affiliated with the country in other ways (ie, receiving support).

Please do not be misguided.


No different than the genocide, land theft, and erasure that Indigenous people of this land have been enduring for more than half a millennia.

We must let our dollars speak for us!

We must not support those who do not support what we believe in.

Please join us in making it clear to these corporations: NOT with my money will you help continue the murder of innocent infants and children!

Do not fret. There are plenty of replacements for whatever you give up in the name of the greater good.

Remember, you are not alone in your protest!

Airbnb- rental homes/condos

Ariel- laundry detergent

Baskin Robbins- ice cream

Bounty- paper towels

Burger King- fast food chain

Cadbury- chocolate

Caltex- auto solutions

Coca-Cola- soda

CNN- news channel

Dove- soap products

Energizer- batteries

Fanta- soda (Coca-Cola)

Fiverr- freelance business assistance

Ford- automobile

Gillette- men’s shavers

Hardee’s- fast food chain

HP- computer products

IBM- computer products

Johnson and Johnson- care products

Kit Kat- candy

Lays- potato chips

Lego- toy

Lifebouy- soap products

Lipton- tea products

L’Oréal- beauty and hair products brand

Maggi- food products (Nestlé)

Mars- food corporation

Mc Donald- fast food chain

Milo- chocolate powder (Nestlé)

Motorola- cell phone products

National Geographic- scientific and educational magazine

Nescafé- instant coffee brand

Nesquik- food products, chocolate milk

Nestlé- food and product corporation

Nido- powdered milk brand

Nike- athletic sports brand (Converse, Jordan brand

Nokia- telecommunications corporation

Oracle- database management company

Pampers- infant and toddler diaper brand

PepsiCo- soda products

Pringles- potato chip brand

Puma- athletic sports brand

Revlon- cosmetic and skin care brand

Siemens- technology company

Snickers- candy

Sprite- soda products

Starbucks- coffee and tea company

Subway- fast food chain

Tang- drink mix brand

Tide- laundry detergent

Toblerone- candy

Twix- candy

Upwork- freelance business assistance

Walls- workwear

Walmart- discount food and lifestyle corporation

Wix- website builder

Vim- text editor program



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