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in patience, i await The One

in Whose Hands lies all affairs

i am steadfast in remembrance

offering charity and prayers

my hands work diligently

toiling, to pass the time

my trust is firm in Al Mumit

and so retribution will soon be mine.

have not you heard duas of women

who cry out in pain and stress;

grieving mothers who have been wronged

forced to carry on, oppressed

reach the ears of Ar Rahman, Most Great

Corrector of Evil Deeds?

you may disbelieve in my Al Adl

but The Truth will supersede.

thirty-one years of my investments

stolen away with hugs and smiles…

my rage remains incessant

there’s a debt to pay for my sweet child!

i will not turn the other cheek

did you believe that i was weak???

Sabr will manifest what is rightly due;

The Justice that i seek.

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