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The Murder of Muriyd 'Two Clouds' Williams: What We Know Thus Far (part 3)

Updated: May 11, 2023

For this third part I am going to take a different approach and let people speak for them-selves. Understand there are several others who either helped murder my son, Muriyd, directly, conspired in the killing, and/or conspired (and continue to conspire ten months later) in keeping it quiet. The reason I am focusing on these few today is because they are the ones who posted publicly what I believe are evidentiary truths. Most are still posted on Instagram and Facebook though that will likely change once this goes live.

If any of you have not yet read parts one and two nor Eyes Wide Shut, I suggest you do so as to have a better understanding of what happened to my son and the role these people played in it. If you have already read them but are a little fuzzy on the details, I suggest you go back in order to refresh your memory. Keep in mind, although this is the third post pertaining to events surrounding the murder of my son, we are still only within the first week.

For clarity:

S1 (wolf clan) and S2 (deer clan) are the killer and one of the suspected conspirators, in that order- two of the three in my son's close circle, and fellow Ramapough Indians. WD is the terrorist who my son traveled to New England to meet about with tribal chiefs who were to help him deal with consistent harassment (or so he believed) the weekend that he was killed. S1 and S2 both accompanied him there, which has been confirmed to me personally by them both. Less than twenty-four hours after his return Muriyd was dead.

Disclaimer: Apparently, some people need me to reassert over and again that I am not referring to the entire 5,000+ tribal members as murderers or conspirators, just a couple of handfuls. I do not think that is necessary because I believe the majority understand how ridiculous an accusation that would be, however, I will oblige.



Around June 19, 2022 he showed up uninvited to Ramapough land without alerting anyone, and made a Facebook live without anyone knowing, disrespecting the tribe with more accusations that they are "pretendians" and "CPAIN" (Corporations Posing as Indigenous Nations). According to his Facebook page, he believes this because the tribe is only recognized by New Jersey state and not the federal government (yes, the same government that committed and continues to commit racial genocide upon the Indigenous, steal Native land, and deny viable resources). Also, he believes that the Ramapough tribe having a 501c3 (which, for starters, allows them to own land as a corporate entity since they do not have federal protection to stop non-Natives from buying or stealing their land... again) indicates that they are fakes. Here is what he posted from in front of the tribal office when he eased up on the land unannounced that day:

WD not only has a vendetta against the Ramapough tribe, but he also had a nasty bee in his bonnet over my son particularly. What seems to bother him is that, unlike most others who fear him, my son did not; my son was the only one with enough intelligence and courage to actually fight Mahwah Township and the state to have dozens and dozens of acres returned as well as gifted by well-meaning owners (evident in that it was not happening before he arrived, and in fact, well-meaning organizations are still gifting land to the tribe even after his death), land that WD believes does not belong to the Ramapough; and my son was a mixed race black Indian. I first heard of WD about four or five years ago when he called my son a black dog on Facebook. (He pretends to not have colorism issues by affiliating with HBCUs, etc., but his posts tell a different story.)

I also believe that he was (and is) jealous and envious of my son. Another time when he sat on a panel discussion (I think it was) to try to convince people that the Ramapough are not true Natives he gave as proof the reasoning that there were no more Munsee (Lenape) because there were no more speakers of the language. My son, who unbeknownst to him showed up to the talk, walked to the mic and began speaking in fluent Munsee. Although it was WD's own fault to present such a ridiculous argument when so many Indigenous people no longer speak in their ancestral tongue yet are indeed Native, I think this is when he truly developed venom for my son- the black dog who had proven Ramapough to be true Indians in a court of law several times, and who would not bow down to him.

My son told me of WD's inciting trouble on the land that day. Later, I learned that many members of the tribe were worried and afraid of more trouble from him and were insisting that "someone" needed to do something. As the new war chief who had been voted in by the tribe, it was my son's job to bring peace to the people which is why he drove up to Massachusetts to garner support and assistance.

June 23- This is a typical CPAIN post of WD. What strikes me is how his Facebook page is littered with complaints, taunts, accusations, and Indian tropes obviously meant to sequester people he knows will not question yet there are no offerings to actually help the Native community such as organized food drives, educational programs, or links to resources that can assist elders.

Muriyd 'Two Clouds'

Less than a week before his murder on June 27 he posted this meme. It may seem very ambiguous to outsiders or those who were unaware of what was going on, but I find it very significant in that several players in the murder and cover up are of the wolf clan. This post makes it plain that something serious was going on.


June 30

Muriyd 'Two Clouds'

On July 2 after realizing his trip to Massachusetts the day before was fruitless, and after visiting the annual powwow for a little while, he documented his last full day on Earth exploring the woods there and the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center.


On July 5, the day before my son was found dead- before anyone besides the culprits knew that he was dead- WD made this post:

Add with this information I have received alleging he has told multiple people that he was in New Jersey at the time of my son's murder on a bear hunt and this post is even more troubling. (For the record, there is no bear hunting in New Jersey in July).

S1 & S2

July 8 was the day of my son's funeral. The people- as aforementioned- who were two-thirds of his "circle", who claimed to be his comrades, who traveled with him just days before to help him "bring the nations together" (as stated to me by S1 in the presence of S2), and saw the day before he went missing were- instead of mourning their "friend" and relative like everyone else at the ceremonies- causing havoc together, and seemed to many onlookers unperturbed by the death of my son. They each posted these that day:



Both of them were fixated on the spirit fire which S1 seemed to enjoy telling people he was keeping going, and S2 enjoyed making public calls on Facebook inviting people to come sit around to share Two Clouds stories as if it was a fun campfire. They also were obsessed on finding out what my son looked like when he was found (S1), and on seeing the police report (S1 and S2). Within the next two days S2 broke into my son's car and also chained his canoe so it could not be moved (she confirmed this to me herself); we are still unsure what she took from the car. It was disclosed that S1 stole my son's tools (which were missing from his primary car) and gave away a stack of his books. This is yet unsubstantiated but entirely possible since he had full access to my son's belongings on another reservation for many days to months. Many items (rings and jewelry, hunting equipment, handcrafted items, sentimental pieces, expensive new tools, and innumerous books) are still missing- none of which he would have simply given away.


A couple of days or so after the funeral he posted this:


In September she made a post on an anti-Ramapough page that she manages (or more aptly, anti-Ramapough government page) that appears at face value to be in tribute to my son. Yet knowing what we do, it is obviously just another attempt to use his popularity to gain support for her own objectives (primarily the overthrowing of tribal government), and to make herself seem more authentic and for the people by conjuring Two Clouds' memory, honoring his characteristics. It also would give her credit as virtually no one on Ramapough land knew who she was, and several members, including elders, told me they did not know her nor who her people could be. (S2 and S1 both popped up out the blue right about the same time [about February 2022] though he had briefly known S1 but stopped dealing with him before he received his mission.)

Take note that though she lists and encourages qualities attributed to my son, she does not embody any of those traits herself, not even in regard to prioritizing or respecting elders. On the day of the funeral, she and S1 together terrorized an esteemed tribal elder at the ceremony, calling him horrible profanities and threatening him to get off the land. She also attempted to convince me to sue the tribe for not insisting upon an investigation into what happened to my son. She is not the person she represents on paper.


January 4, 2023

..."got the Wolves on deck" makes this post seem less random or creative and more real-world, especially when S1 and S2 are liking his posts, and using his anti-Ramapough rhetoric and/or vice versa. Plus, by this time S1 had been ushered in as wolf clan sub-chief without a vote which is strange for several reasons including the fact that he has never worked for the tribe nor served the people- and before the murder of my son was only known to bully and terrorize them; he has zero leadership skills; and his ability to communicate with others who can be of benefit to the tribe is miniscule. Not to mention that just a few short months before he was at my son's gravesite and memorial ceremony attempting to steal away his title as war chief without going through proper protocol (this was one of the reasons he cursed and yelled at the elder who tried to explain he could not just decide to be war chief; obviously his temper and disregard alone are not good qualities for any war chief) yet he was suddenly given sub-chief status, without going through protocol.

*Edit 5/10/23: A friend pointed out something that I overlooked. I initially didn’t know what to make of the line “You’re just high we high tech intellect”. Then I was reminded a Missing and Murdered Indigenous People organization informed me that the tracking of victims’ phones is common in many cases. Perhaps this is the "high tech" being referenced. I know that S1 was tracking my son because he himself told me that he had been tracking him. He said that he always had my son’s location on so he could get to him if anything ever happened (he actually talked my son into taking his old iPhone but not before enabling the 'Share My Location' tab). He also said that he could not find my son’s location for four days. Of course, this makes no sense because multiple friends of my son revealed that S1 consistently popped up uninvited to where my son was, including while they separately drove back to New Jersey from Massachusetts less than twenty-four hours before his murder. I am told that my son pulled off into a rest stop to stretch his legs and make a call. S1 showed up again which made my son livid, and he let S1 know he did not appreciate his actions. The friend was on the phone with my son as he made the drive to Mahwah, and I am told he was very upset about being followed.

According to S1 he (and the third of the trio who was always around my son) was with him late Saturday night until 1:30 am relaxing by the water, just hanging out- according to him. So, for S1 to allow four days of no communication, and more importantly, no visible location and not worry, when the sole reason for the tracking was supposed to be to keep my son from harm- the one time he actually met harm- is suspicious, at least.


This post makes it abundantly clear that she is either affiliated with WD or admiring of him (his name is redacted here). Again, she and S1 both accompanied my son to a would-be meeting to stop WD from continued defamation and harassment towards the Ramapo people the weekend my son was killed. Yet they both had been working in tandem to undermine my son’s work and mission before he was even in the ground, and are proving themselves to in some way be in league with WD.


Here he shares and makes reference to the above post. Note that his assertion of being a non-racist (towards black and/or non-white looking Indians) does not mesh with his posts and bullying against those exact types of Native people. For instance, he has used the 1950 US census that shows the Ramapough tribal chief’s race as black as a major piece of “evidence” to insist the chief- and by extension the tribe- is not really Indigenous. He is either purposely manipulating the public or has no clue that the government’s listing of Native people as black, colored, mulatto- anything not Indian- was a very real and long-standing strategy used to erase Indian heritage and history and steal the land and resources. “Kill the Indian, keep the man” manifested in myriad ways. Another example is his mocking of brown toned, black-looking dancers and drummers at powwows, accusing them of cultural appropriation. Again, he must be purposely misleading the people or is without knowledge that Native Americans are not a monolith, do not only fit into stereotypical phenotypes, and can indeed be who they say they are without federal sanctioning. "We are still here" in many forms. Our relatives who were snatched away and who survived industrial schools and forced adoptions have descendants who do not necessarily look the way he believes they should. His own image is proof that we won't all look like our ancestors once did.

As I have maintained from the moment I heard my son was dead: Muriyd 'Two Clouds' was murdered; his murderer was someone he knew who could get close to him; that person could not alone subdue him, move his body nor hide it under a low hanging tree then cover him with brush; that person could not alone flip over his ten-foot canoe in an attempt to stage the scene; he did remove his jewelry, knife, and shoes himself and place them someplace where they have never been found.

My hope is that the information shown today will convince people once and for all that my son did not accidentally die nor commit suicide nor suddenly keel over due to a severely delayed reaction to a Covid bout from months before nor anything else that was not murder. As stated in the beginning, the three focused on here are only due to their arrogant and haphazard public posts, but there are others who are just as loose and careless in other ways. It is only by their own words and actions that we know what we do.

Tetsitewanonera:tons ne Shonkway'tihson for bringing truth out of the darkness and into the light.


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